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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Reflecting Back

Today at dinner, I asked my husband if we could move back to Germany.   I still miss it so much.  It's been 31/2 years since we have been back.

Every Christmas, I teach all of the kindergarteners at the school I teach at, all about Germany at Christmas time.  My son helped me with a slideshow of pictures I took of the Christmas markets, and pictures of Germany.  This year, I felt a little sad after it was all over with.  Parents who were visiting my classroom commented on my presentation:  "Wow, that must had been so nice."  "Wow, the Christmas markets look amazing!"  I nodded and smiled and deep down felt so much gratitude that I had these experiences of living abroad for the year, but on the other hand, I want to go back.  A year wasn't enough.

Most of you were found my blog might have some questions like:  What  is it like for you now?  How did your year change your life?  Would you do it again?

Life now, is good.  I do miss the simple life of Europe.  Here, everything seems so busy.  I don't know if it is because I work full-time now, and I can't balance life, with work and home.  I love that Sundays, everything is closed, and you just hang out with your family.  Here, things are never closed. You can even shop on holidays, like this year, on Thanksgiving.  My husband, even though he has the same job here as in Germany, works more hours here in America.

I have gained almost 20 pounds since I've returned.  I miss my daily workouts of just being active in Germany- walking everywhere and running after trams.  I hate that I have to depend on my car so much here.

That year changed my life forever.  My world is not confined in just my town, my country, but spreads all around the globe.  I listen to the news, to NPR.  My kids are global thinkers now, and at a young age, know about cultures and languages.  If anything, I love that we moved for that splendid year, for our children.  My children think outside the box, and are both participating in enrichment classes in our district, and I think living abroad helped them to even be considered for these programs.

I would definitely do another expat assignment.  We'll see.