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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What To Do?

I wouldn't have this blog devoted to being an ex expat, if I didn't totally love the life I had overseas.  So when my husband came home last week from work, and told me his old boss from Germany contacted him, with information on a job position that she thought Tim would be perfect for, discussions once again were revisited, on our decision to move to Germany.  But this time, not on an expat package, but a German contract.

I feel in love with Europe and all of its charm.  And now to be given another chance to live there is a dream come true.  Or is it?  I'm trying to decide.  When we made the decision to move there a year and a half ago, we knew there was a time limit.  We would be living there for one year.  This time around, it could be a forever thing.

Tonight, we talk to our kids about all of this, and we will make a decision as a family.  It's exciting, but scary.

These are the things I worry about:

  1. I won't be near family or my friends that live here.
  2. What do we do with our house?  Last time, we had our friend live here, because we knew we were coming back.  This time around, we have no idea when we are coming back.  Can I say goodbye to our house?
  3. We have an aging dog, that is on 3 medications.  Can he handle the trip back to Germany?
  4. Is the Dresden International School going to cut it?  When I was there, I saw lots of pros, but lots of cons too, as a school for my children.  Will my kids be stable and happy throughout this?
  5. Will I be happy?  Many of the friends I had there, are living here in NY.  I still have some contacts in Dresden...I know I make friends easily, so maybe this will be fine?
  6. Do I want to work at the international school?
  7. Can I handle the language gap?  I know I will never speak German fluently, and this bothers me. I hated not having a newspaper to read, or reading signs- all over the place.  How will this impact me?
  8. I find comfort that I can speak to my doctors here, and they understand me.  It's always hard to visit the doctors in Dresden.  Will I be able to get migraine medication?  Last time, I brought so much medicine with me.  But now I am on a preventative medication- what if they don't approve of the medicine I have been prescribed?  It is really hard to get prescriptions in Germany...
This is the biggest decision that we will  have to make...

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