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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sick Day and Do Sub Plans?

Last night, I came home from work exhausted, not being able to concentrate with head pain.  When I went to bed last night, I somehow found comfort in the fact that if I woke up feeling sick again, I WAS going to call the sub finder system, and I WAS going to call in sick.  Come on, you know you won't, but if it makes you feel better, go to bed thinking that.

When my alarm went off at 6  AM, I still wasn't feeling well.  I snoozed my alarm for awhile, and thought to myself that I had until 7 AM to call the sub service.  After 7, it is too late.  

Well, as the story always goes, I didn't want to do sub plans.  I really detest sub plans.  At 7:01, it was final.  I was going to my kindergarten classroom.  I would make them the green eggs and ham that I promised them.  I would make the most of my day with them.  They deserved that.  

As always, when my kindergarten students arrive, I don't have time to be sick.  My head pain takes a back seat.  I get through it, like I always do.  Today, with the lights off.


  1. Ah, the pain of sub plans trumps the pain of illness/headaches. I know this well! I hope you're feeling better. Thanks for sharing!

  2. No one likes sub plans. Happy you pushed through the day for the kids. Now rest tonight ... maybe sub plans tomorrow? Feel better! (And you still wrote? Dedication!)