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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Break

It's the Sunday before school begins, and I am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after having a week off from work.

It was a stay-ca-tion.  I literally cleaned a room a day, and didn't leave the house until my room of the day was completely cleaned.  I cleaned out closets, went through old bookshelves, "junk drawers" and emptied many of its drawers and added more to my donation pile.

I always get a little sad before going back to work, because I like the simplicity of life and spending time with my family.  Once school starts again, life gets crazy.  Time is something nobody has.

And I love my dogs, and it's hard to say goodbye in the morning, knowing they are mad at me because I have to put them in their crates again.  They have been too naughty lately to be roaming in the house.

I slept a lot too.  Since my body had mono last year, it just seems like whenever I don't need to wake up, and I don't have the alarm clock on, I sleep until 10 each morning.  And I listened to my body this week, and that's just what I did.  I slept like a teenager, and slept in until 10 each morning.  How will I ever wake up at 6 tomorrow morning will be anyone's guess.

Here's to the weeks we have until the end of school.  I might had needed all that sleep last week to get through the rest of the school year.

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