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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Guppy's Obituary

Guppy Walz

 We will miss you, Gupster.

Relaxing with your ball in your mouth

Guppy the dog was put to rest on the rainy morning of May 25th, 2017.  He suffered from a neurological issue, which led to his back legs being paralyzed, and his front legs very weak, and soon too, his front legs would give out.   His family made the painful decision to end his suffering, and said their farewells quicker than they ever thought they would have to.

You loved sitting on our porch in the sun.

Guppy is survived by his family, Stacey and Tim, Riley and Maggie Walz, and brother Buddy.  He is also survived by all those who met him, and fell in love with him.  He is survived by those that took care of him:  The Sorrell Family, The Natale Family, The LaGoy Family, The Frankford Family, Heather and Sarah Coffey, his Facebook and Instagram followers.  He is joining his brother and best buddy, Toga, in doggy heaven.  The family would like to thank his vet, Dr Sarah, at Mandak Vet, for treating and taking care of Guppy all these years.  A special thank you to Tim's mom, Joyce Walz, for finding Guppy on Petfinder.

Guppy, and that face.

Guppy was a rescue dog.  The family doesn't know where he was born, or even how old he was.  All they know is that Guppy came to them aggressive, not social, and new to even playing with toys.  He was neutered days before the Walz's adopted him, so maybe he was a mill dog?  The first time a ball was thrown, Guppy didn't know what to do...But once he met his first squeaky ball, he was obsessed with them.  Even taking walks with one stuffed in his mouth.  Later, he would master the skill of sleeping and snorting with one in his mouth.  His balls were his treasures, and his family thinks he even dreamt of them, since he would run in his sleep.  After learning social skills and learning to let others pet him and touch him, he grew quite fond of his family.  His first brother, Toga, showed him the ropes, taught him boundaries, and Guppy was able to learn so much in his new surroundings.  Most importantly, he was able to trust and to be loved.  When Guppy passed away, his vet, neurologist and rehab teacher all believed he was over 10 years old.  He was able to live with the Walz family for 4 1/2 years.  A time too short for the Walz family, but inside their hearts, they knew they saved his life, and they were lucky to be with Guppy for this short time period.

Halloween 2016

Guppy was half Boston Terrier and half French bulldog, and his must enduring quality was his smile and his tongue that would always eventually come out.  He loved his squeaky balls, his squeaky plastic bones that are sold at Dollar Tree, and laying in the sun.  He had a special doggie bed that allowed him to hide under the covers, which was his favorite place.  At night, you would often find him snuggled up, with a squeaky ball in his mouth, snorting away and falling asleep.  Toward the end of his life, he loved to be held by Stacey.

Sleeping Guppy was the best.

Guppy was well known as a contestant to a Bark Box contest, that gained him nationwide attention.  He was also featured in many of Riley and Maggie's homemade movies, and later, would help Riley raise money for St Baldrick's, in TV clips that Riley would make.  With Guppy's help, Riley was able to raise lots of money.  He was also a incentive in Stacey's kindergarten class- if her students saved 500 Scottie Bucks, they could pay for a Guppy visit to their house.  Several of Stacey's students were able to have Guppy over for a visit, with a bedtime story.

My ruffaree

Guppy was a goofy dog, but his French Bulldog personality would come out- that stubbornness and attitude!  But he was the best family dog and provided so many laughs.  Later, his brother Buddy would be rescued, and just like Toga before him, Guppy was able to show Buddy the boundaries and ropes of living in the house.  The two of them would play and chase one another, and nip and box.  When Guppy could no longer play with Buddy, Buddy would become confused to why his fearless leader was slowing down.  Even in Guppy's last days, Buddy was trying to get Guppy to play with him.

The teeth and the tongue were your trademarks

The Walz family would like to thank Mandak Vet, and all the specialists that worked with Guppy, to making his life happy and comfortable until the end.  The family would also like to give a big thanks to Wendy at Everlasting Hope, where Guppy was rescued.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for picking us, from probably hundreds of applicants.  We were so lucky to have been the ones to provide Guppy with a loving, stable home.

Taking selfies

Guppy, I can't sit here and not picture you with your silly tongue out and those snorts.  So many days, I would be thinking how hard life was at that moment, and then a quick stare at you, with those teeth, and your big eyes, and I would learn to be mindful, and grateful, and just smile.  You always made me smile.  Goodbye to my Love Bug, Gupster.  You are in heaven, hopefully with Toga.  Chasing balls.  You are running again after those squeaky balls.  And now I'm smiling with tears in my eyes, with that image in my mind.  There you go again... making me smile.

Your favorite toy- we have a million of these around the house from the Dollar Tree.  You loved chasing them and putting them in your mouth.

One of our last pictures, Mother's Day 2017

Your favorite place

I'll miss you, Gupster.

Every morning before I went to work

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