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Friday, December 30, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As I wrote in my first post, I love my dog Toga to death; when he's good and when he's bad. You see, even when he's bad, he's cute. I know as soon as I walk in the house, and he sits there and shakes uncontrollable, that he did something. He even looks cute when he sits there so pitiful, because as he shakes, I would like to think that he is sorry for the countless things I might find. Usually, I might find garbage out if we forget to shut the bathroom doors, or he has gotten into our work bags or the kids' backpacks.
The worse things he does involves getting on top of tables and eating food, or what he did two days ago.
We have a butcher table in our kitchen, and on this table we had leftover rolls from Christmas. Coming home after being out most of the morning, I walked into the mess he made: the bag of rolls, with only two left, on the floor. We must had come home when he was in the middle of eating all these rolls, because I would think all the rolls would had been eaten if we didn't interupt him and his badness. I walked further into the house, and he was hiding in his dog bed. For some reason, he wasn't shaking, but just hiding. So maybe he wasn't sorry for eating all those rolls?
Anyway, my dog Toga knows better. He is 11 years old; almost close to 12 years old. He's supposed to be in his senior years. He is still a sneaky little guy, who is fighting off the aging process, I guess. Instead of tranquil naps and being lazy, he is still wandering around the house when we are all gone, looking for trouble.
That night, Toga became very sick, but not to the knowledge of any of us until the next morning. My husband got ready for work and managed not to run into any of Toga's messes. Me, on the other hand, saw it right away. On our area floor rug, Toga had many accidents. All over the place. Yup, doggie diarrhea. The rug was a complete loss. I rolled it up, and lugged the 30 pound plus rug to the garbage. You ask, do I still love my cute dog? Yes, is my answer. But I was stressed because as I walked around the house to check the status of other rooms, that's when I saw the many more messes. On my dining room floor, in all areas of the room. I was mad, but I felt more sorry for Toga, because he was sick. Seconds after cleaning up the dining room, I heard screams from my daughter. He actually backed up himself and made a basket right in Maggie's boot. He had to think about where that one was going! OK, now I'm getting mad, since these are her new Keen winter boots that cost more than what I usually spend on boots. An hour later though, those boots were shiny and new, after a ride in the washer.
There's reasons why things happen, is my thinking when bad things happen. So I got rid of a rug. That rug probably needed to leave. It was too big for the room, and it made the room seem smaller than what it is. And it wasn't as bright and vibrant as it once used to be. Now in the room, I have put our Turkish rug that we bought in Instanbul. This rug is amazing and is what I would consider a family heirloom. It was hidden in our family room, where it looked small and insignificant. It looks perfect in our parlor room. It should be treasured and loved in this room. So it all worked out.
Toga, on the other hand, was mad yesterday. After dogs have bouts of diarrhea, you are not supposed to feed them for 24 hours. So all day yesterday, he did not eat. He sat in the kitchen most of the day yesterday, looking at me with those eyes, wondering where the food was. Today, it was a bowl of rice, until dog food is scooped back into his bowl in a couple of days.
I still love this dog to death. I guess we should all take lessons on a senior dog, who still loves the thrill of trouble. Hopefully, as I get older, I will remember this. The thrill of living, even as we age.

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