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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sick kid + full time job = Nightmare

One of the first challenges of being a full-time mom and having a full-time job is when you have a sick kid. This week, Maggie is sick. Because we are on our Christmas vacation, my handling her sickness went smoothly.
You see, usually what happens when one of my kids is sick, and I discover this when I wake them up at 7 AM for school, is I have a list of questions in my head. Can they go to school like this? Do they have a fever? No fever, should they go to school like this? Sometimes I discover too late that one of my kids is sick, and it's too late to call a substitute. Like the day when I sent Maggie to school with a rash to school, that was all over her face. I ended up emailing her teacher that morning, and she was sent to the nurse. The nurse called me at my school to tell me that she's was alright, to my relief, since I was calling myself a Bad Mom all that morning. So, when my kids are sick, and I discover it in the morning, it can be stressful.
Once I discover that I need to take the day off to be with the kids, then another wave of things need to be completed. Calling the Sub Service to get a substitute. Writing up sub plans. Going to school and dropping off the sub plans. It's always hectic, and I always have to make that decision, "Are they sick enough to stay home all day."
When I was living in Germany last year as a stay-at-home mom, it was nice. If I thought they were sick, they just stayed home. Those questions, "Are they sick enough to stay home" never crossed my mind. If I simply thought they were sick, they just stayed home. I'm not saying that my kids go to school sick all the time, but it's those "Borderline Sick" days I'm talking about. Those Borderline sick days, while living in Germany, I would keep them home. But I guess I had other stresses while living in a foreign country: Like visits to the kids' doctor, and hoping that I would get the fluent speaking English doctor (which I only got once). The other times I went to their doctors, I got the German speaking doctor. And the best was when I got the medicine, and had to go to Google Translate to figure out what the heck I was doing with dosages.
This week, Maggie had to go to the doctor's on two days. So if I were working, I would have to have taken a couple days off this week. She's still not better. She was first diagnoised with a sinus infection, then on the 2nd visit, bronchitis, and now she's on an inhaler and steroids. I'm hoping she's not getting pneumonia. Yesterday, she was complaining of her chest hurting, so that worries me.
Some people would feel an inconvenience with their child getting sick during their vacation time off, but I'm feeling relieved that it happened when I was home.

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