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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Slice of My Life, Year 2

First entry for the Slice of Life...

Today is the first day of the Slice of Life challenge.  During the  month of March, I am going to try to write everyday on this blog about a "slice of my life."  My kindergarten students are also writing in their composition notebooks, which I  glued possible writing topics for them in their notebooks' jackets, something they can refer to when they are stuck on a slice of their life to write about.  They were so excited to bring home their notebooks and start writing this weekend.

Meanwhile, their teacher sits at the computer, wondering what to write about.  

I am feeling a little stressed out today and it's all work-related.  

Every year, teachers in my school district get observed twice.  My first observation was a scheduled on, and that was in October.  It was a great lesson in Math, and all was good.  Your second observation is an unscheduled one.  Teachers receive an email, stating that their "10-day window" has begun.  So basically this means that in that 10 day window, your principal will be coming to observe you on any day for a lesson, at any time in those 10 days.  Last year, my principal let the "10-day window" expire, and we ended up just scheduling him to visit on what would had been the 12th day.  

So, I got my "10-day window" email last week, and the window starts on Monday, March 3rd, and ends on March 13th.  So anytime during the next 10 days, my principal will surprise me with an observation.

I'm not that nervous for him to actually come and observe me, but it's the waiting around for it.  It's kind of like walking through a haunted house, and waiting to get scared to death, and just getting it out of the way.  Yes, that's how it feels.  Just waiting for him to appear in my classroom, and hoping that it's not during a crazy transition time.

So, I skipped out on skiing with the family, and spent about 4 hours in my classroom today.  I spent an hour on "Smartboard Exchange," another hour with getting my guided reading groups ready, and another hour getting ready for my Dr. Seuss week  next week.  And then I decided to clean my room.  Because you might as well, right?

Today, I was finding that I was very scattered, and I felt so ADHD.  I would do one thing, and then do something entirely different, and then forget what the original task was.  I pretty much did that for the entire 4 hours in my classroom.    When I got home to my quiet house, since everyone was still skiing, I instantly feel asleep on the couch, so I must  had been exhausted.

So the 10-day window spell is upon me...Waiting, waiting, waiting

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  1. I can only imagine the anticipation you are experiencing right now as you wait for the visit from the principal. On one hand, it's nice that they give you notice of the 10 days, but on the other hand, oh the waiting! I hope the visit comes sooner rather than later!