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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Principal List

My son who is in 6th grade, Riley, made the Principal's List for the 2nd quarter at his middle school.  I am so proud of him, for having a 98% for both 1st and 2nd quarters.

All the kids who made the Principal's List with an overall average higher than a 95% got to skip their 1st period class, and have breakfast with family members in the lunchroom.  The buffet consisted of muffins, juice, bagles and fruit.  It was a nice set-up, as most of the kids ate with their friends and their friends' parents.  My friend's son also made the Principal's List, so the four of us, and a couple other of our sons' friends ate with us.  It's been fun for me to see this group of kids get older, and I felt such a sense of warmth in the room.  There were probably over 50 students there and at least that many parents, but we live in such a close-knit community, that I have known many of these kids since kindergarten.

I have heard rumors that when the kids get older, even next year in 7th grade, the Principal's List Breakfast is known for just the kids to attend, and parents are encouraged by the kids to stay home.  There's a point when my middle-schooler will think it's not so cool for his mom to attend these events.  As I sat there and looked at my son with love and pride and pure admiration for the young man he is becoming, I know that I only have a certain amount of time with him in this way.  I can congratulated him in public, smile at him in public, and acknowledge that I am proud of him with one of my goofy smiles that he reminds me everyday that I give him.

Today I am a proud mom.

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