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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Reading

This morning, I was like a snail getting out of bed.  I  love Sunday mornings!

Around 7:00, I knew it was morning with the morning sunlight streaming in through our curtains.  I opened one eye, realized it was Sunday, and went back to bed.  Then, awhile later, I woke up.  Instead of getting out of bed and starting my day, I read.  I read, and read and read.  It was so relaxing.

When I did venture out of bed, my husband was in the living room reading, my son on the computer doing homework, and my daughter was still in bed, reading.  Everyone was reading and it was so comfy and such a Winter Sunday thing to do.  When I went back upstairs to say good morning to my daughter, and told her how cute she was in bed sleeping, she patted her bed, and invited me to come join her.  My first thought was  I really  need to start doing SOMETHING and not goof off anymore.  Laundry was calling.  Cleaning rooms were awaiting.  But I stopped and thought to myself, "She is nine years old.  In one or two years, she's not going to invite you into her room AT ALL, forget the fact of reading in her bed with her.  So I grabbed my book from my bedroom, and we laid in her bed, cuddling and reading our own books.  She would stop to laugh, and give me a retell of what she was reading.  I am glad I took the time to be with her this morning.


  1. What a great memory! You are right. Chores can wait, but kids won't. They grow up very quickly. Enjoy!

  2. There's nothing better than Sunday morning snuggles! What a beautiful morning. Thanks for sharing!