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Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 days with a headache

I'm dragging today. After suffering for a headache for more than 30 days, and getting a MRI last week, it was determined that I have allergies. After taking Claritin for 5 days, I feel somewhat better, but I'm still getting headaches.

It's just hard when you teach kindergarten, and you have a headache all day. I feel grouchy; not my bubbly self.

I go to the allergist in a couple weeks, and I'm trying to figure out what I would be allergic to that would be causing me so much pain. My dog, who is 11? My 1906 house? My school, where in my wing, there's 10 open classrooms without walls, and only a handful of windows and fresh air?

I just wish I was feeling better. My headache is back, and I'm tired. I want to be healthy so bad right now. It 8:15PM and I'm heading to bed right now.


  1. I'm sorry. Your tone really conveys the despair and frustration you are feeling. I hope that the allergist helps!

  2. I hope you get answers and relief very soon. It must be trying to be with the buzz of kinders when your head pounds. I do pray your health is restored.