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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tears on Monday

Today, afterschool, I had a grade level meeting with all the kindergarten teachers in my district. The topic was on the Common Core, our five year old reading program that needs to be align with these standards, and the work we have in front of us. It seems daunting, this big task.

After the meeting, I ran to greet my old kindergarten team. How I missed their smiles,our conversations, our mutual love of teaching and sharing what we do each day...I just really miss being part of a happy team of teachers.

When I moved to Germany last year, I took a one-year leave. I was hoping to return back to my school when I returned back to the U.S, but it didn't work out. Because of seniority (I've only been in my district for 4 years) and other union and Human Resources issues, I wasn't able to return back. Instead, I was placed in another elementary school in my district, but still remaining at Kindergarten. It was sad and very painful, but I know things happen for a reason. I loved the school I was at: It's the school that my own two children attend, and it's two blocks from my house. It's nice when you can walk to work. And I worked with teachers that I respected and had fun with.

I really miss collaborating with my old Kindergarten teachers. At my new school, teachers are planning and teaching individually, and I feel like I'm still finding my way in my new school.

When I said goodbye to one of my old teammates today, I had tears in my eyes. We both miss each other, and we were even trying to brainstorm ways so we can teach again together. But the chances, now, are slim, since our district isn't anticipating many new openings, especially two at one grade level, in the same school.

Things happen for a reason. I'm still trying to figure out what that reason is...Maybe I'm needed more at my new school...Maybe my own two kids are better off going to a school, without their mom as a teacher... So I'm being positive with my change, but today, it was hard.


  1. I think you have to keep reminding yourself of that: Things happen for a reason. Just think of the connections you have with the teachers from your old building - you can still learn and grow and plan with them and share those great ideas with your new team (of course, without making them feel bad!). It can be tough, but keep looking for the positive! And you just never know what may happen . . .

    I just read a poem - Change - by Julie J. @ Raising Readers and Writers - I think you will enjoy it.

  2. Thanks Michelle! I know...:)