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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Skin Care Products

What kind of skin care products do you use?

Sometimes on weekend mornings, I'll watch those Cindy Crawford commercials, where she's selling her skin care line, where the secret of youth is from a melon in the south of France. And then there's the Joan London skin care line- I remember when she did Good Morning America and I thought she was so beautiful. She still looks the same after all these years.

So many anti-aging lines, and I find myself getting suckered into watching these info-commercials. It seems to be my weekend morning ritual, as I prolong my weekend cleaning and motherly duties. These commercials and the Brazilian Butt ones!

My friend, who just decided to be an Arbonne representative, let me borrow and be a "tester" to the "7 step system" to one of Arbonne skin care lines, with hopes that I will buy some of the products and give her some feedback as well. Before this week, I've only been really a 2 step girl; with cleanser and moisturizer in the morning, and then at night, cleanser and night cream. Now with 7 steps- there were things I didn't even know what they were even for: toner, serum, eye stuff.. I had to read the directions each day to make sure I was doing the steps in order.

After doing Arbonne for a week, I didn't really see a big difference in my skin and I felt bad for my friend because I really wanted to buy some stuff from her. I liked the night cream, so I think I'll buy that, but overall, no big differences.

I currently use an Oil of Olay moisturizer and my L'Occitane products. But, I have a ton of sun damage and age spots that these moisturizers haven't been able to conquer. I'm wondering if there's a magic cure or melon somewhere in the world for this?? Or maybe I'm just a simple 2-step girl?


  1. I can relate! I had a "Philosophy Facial" last night at a single moms' pampering night. It felt really good--not sure if I will end up buying any products..

  2. I'm like you. Give me something kin to soap and something kin to lotion. I'm good with that. 2 steps is all I'm willing to go through. I like Oil of Olay, too. :) And I use Mary Kay cleanser.