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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why do we feel guilty for calling in sick?

I knew I would wake up this morning, and not know what to do. My daughter, who was sent home from school sick yesterday, by bed time last night, was dancing and playing Wii. So when it was bedtime last night, I was clearly thinking she would be going to school today.

However, that didn't seem to be what happened. I woke her up an hour earlier than I usually do, just so I could evaluate her. She did look a little pale, and her eyes had that weird sick look to them. She told me her throat hurt, and she was tired. I went back and forth, with calling in sick. Should I? Shouldn't I? I wish days like today, I had a magic stick that would really tell me if my child was sick enough to stay home.

Well, I ended up staying home with Maggie. I've learned through the years that my own children have to be my priority over my kids at school. And I knew that if Maggie did go to school, I would be a nervous wreck, worrying about her.

So, it ended up being a good day after all. It was almost 60 degrees here in Upstate New York. Maggie and I sat on our porch most of the day. We did a lot of talking. She did my hair. She painted my nails. Yep, she could had gone to school.

When I picked up my son from school after his Student Council meeting, he threw himself into the seat and complained of a headache. Riley, unlike Maggie, NEVER complains. He told me his throat was hurting too. And a strep throat notice from the nurse was in his folder. So this isn't looking good for tomorrow.

My husband has already told me that he can stay home, if Riley is sick tomorrow. As I write this, Riley is getting ready for bed, so we'll see how he is doing.

Out of the 4 days we had school last week (snowday one day), I was in my classroom for 1 day ( 2 meetings and a personal day). This week, out of 3 days, I have been in my classroom for 1.5 days, since Maggie was sick. I am feeling guilty for abandoning my little kids at school.

Why is it that we always feel guilty when we need to call in sick?


  1. We can all relate to this post. It is so hard because you are dedicated to your family and your job! Here's hoping everyone is better by morning!!!

  2. No one can do your job, that's the way it is. I hope everyone is on the mend and you are able to be back in school for many consecutive days.