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Friday, March 30, 2012

Renovation Day 2

Today is Day 2 of the renovation that is taking place in our living room. Our 1906 Victorian house has had several renovations in the 8 years we have lived here.

This newest one is a very very minor one.

We are just repainting, and replacing the baseboards and trying to fix/paint/keep the frame and molding going around the windows. Our house does have a certain charm, and the molding around the top of the windows is something we want to just paint and fix up.

My husband is very handy. Through the years, we have seen so many projects that Tim has done all by himself. But for the last couple of years, with a new demanding job, Tim just doesn't have the time.

What is really funny about this whole story, is that he really wanted to have the time. Back in September, we had talked about replacing the living room furniture- the 2 couches. We actually were hoping to bring something back from Europe when we living there last year, but everything was super modern, and didn't fit with our old Victorian house. So, we gave away our furniture, didn't buy anything new, and my husband said that with the loss of the couches, he would make time to fix up the trim and window frames.

Well, here we are, last days in March, and no furniture.

Finally, last week, he called a handy man. It's not because of lack of knowledge. It's lack of time. Sometimes you have to pay for what takes time.

So, as I'm writing this, all of the rest of the furniture is crammed into our parlor (we call it the parlor because it's this cute little room off of the living room), and the parlor has a desk with this computer on it. I literally can't move. All around me, is "stuff" moved from the living room, so the handy man can paint and fix his things. I was hoping that the work would be finished by this weekend, since he told Tim it would take 2 days, but after 2 days, he still has at least 2 more to go.

We did order a new couch, and 2 side chairs, that remind me of Paris. Very simple and chic, yet not that fancy and chic. For some reason, I'm all into Paris-related interior design.

This weekend my house is a mess. The big picture of house renovations are hard to see when you're caught in the moment of all the clutter and craziness!

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