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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I Am I Grateful for

Since yesterday's slice was a negative piece, today's piece I'm reflecting on my day and all the things that brighten my day:

1. I am grateful for my husband this morning, who organized the kids' lunches for me this morning in the refrigerator.

2. I am grateful that the pants that I laid out fit me, and I liked all the clothes I had on. Sometimes, I don't always like what I have on.

3. I am grateful that my kids woke up easily this morning, and that they didn't fight. I know I'm lucky, and I have good kids. I am also grateful that no one was sick! There's a lot of sickness in both my kids' classrooms!

4. I am grateful that when I arrived at school and visited my school's librarian, she was able to squeeze me into her schedule for a research project with my class. Then, I went to see my friend Kelly, and she gave me a really nice pep talk. Then I walked to my classroom and got ready for my day.

5. I am grateful that I have 18 great kindergarten kids. I really do. In 17 years of teaching, this might be one of my favorite groups of kids. I am very grateful for this bunch of kids.

6. I am grateful when one of my students runs down the halls and hugs me. She comes from a rough home life, and I know that school is a structured time for her. She smiles up at me every morning. I am grateful for her smiles every morning. I know I make a difference. This is the one student who really needs me this year.

7. As my morning continues, I am grateful for the author who is visiting our school. He visits our K and 1st graders for 1 hour this morning, and before I know it, it is lunch.

8. I am grateful to spend time at lunch with Randi and Becky, my good friends who understand me.

9. I am grateful for a quick Go Math lesson in the afternoon. Usually our Go Math lessons take 1 hour, but the chapter 9 lessons on Geometry are about 30 minutes. I find I can spend more time with our Wonder table this afternoon, since one of our students brought in a bird's nest.

10. During my break when the kids are at Art, I spend the whole break talking to my friend Keira, who teaches 1st grade. I often wonder if I should switch grades next year to 1st so I could teach with Keira, but I really love kindergarten, but it's something that I'm thinking about, along with a million other things right now.

11. Afterschool, I am grateful for my talk with Karen. She is another good teacher that I teach with.

12. I am grateful for an hour of alone time afterschool, after I drop off my kids at their German class. I sit in the car for 30 minutes and just meditate, with my heated seat on. I find it just relaxing. Then I walk to a natural food store.

13. I am grateful for my husband for letting me rest tonight. I came home with the kids at 7, and I'm tired. He's doing work around the house, right now, as I'm typing.

14. I'm grateful that my kids are reading their books in bed, as I'm typing. I will walk up the stairs and say good night soon.

15. I am grateful that I have been a teacher for the last 17 years. Because even if I decide to stop being a teacher and pursue something else, I will always be grateful for the experiences teaching has brought me. It has allowed me to be the mom I am; I could never be the mom I am without being the teacher I am.


  1. Fabulous list! They are all so important but number 6 really got me.Whatever next year brings, it seems this year will be worth it for number 6.

  2. It's great that you can find the good in a tough situation (I read your post from yesterday, too). Keep searching out those like-minded people. They're out there and are waiting for you, too! You sound like such a caring, thoughtful teacher--I hope the profession doesn't lose you!

  3. Stacey, You seriously are my hero for being a teacher. I always thought it would be so cool to work with kids. But not so cool to deal with difficult parents, other teachers who were there only because on tenure, and most of all the politics of the system. No matter what you decide to do, remember that you have already accomplished so much!