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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Proud of My Children

Yesterday, my 4th grade son and 2nd grade daughter came home with their report cards. They are both really smart kids. My son might be gifted, and my daughter is pretty smart too. I am humble when I say this, because when I was in school, I had challenges learning. Up to fourth grade, I was in special education classes. My third grade teacher told my mom that I would most likely never attend college. My mom was very vocal to my elementary classroom teachers, and I'm sure she had the reputation of being "That Mom," but to her credit, she had to be. My fourth grade teacher told my mom that I was borderline mentally retarded.

Thank God I had a good mom. My mom knew and believed in my potential. She took me out of the public schools, and enrolled me in a small Catholic school. I repeated 4th grade, and to everyone's surprise and maybe relief, I was an A and B+ student.

I am very sensitive to the fact when kids can't learn- because I can relate. That was me. I know that all kids can learn and that's why I am so passionate.

For the longest time, I kept my secret of "failing 4th grade" a secret. Years after being married to my husband, he called me stupid. I don't even remember what led to him calling me that, but I'm sure it was a joke. But I started crying. And I told him my secret of how I was once indeed stupid.

I have never been the kind of student where things come easily. But my two kids learn so easily, sometimes I am in awe. I can't even believe that these two kids came from me.

Our kids got to pick out a restaurant for dinner, and while we were eating out Moe's, we talked to them about the importance of having good grades and how proud we are of them. Just as important as their high grades were their high behavior and work habit grades.

I'm so proud and grateful for so many things in my life. My kids are right up there on the list. So proud tonight. But everyday, I'm proud of their everyday accomplishments. I am lucky and blessed to be the mother of these two children. They are my world.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! It brought tears to my eyes. Students are lucky to have you for a teacher.

  2. Thanks for sharing. You must be a great teacher with heart full of compassion.

  3. I think the best teachers are those who can relate to their students. You are a treasure!!!