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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Got a Good Man

To all my blog followers: All 7 of you :)
I'm participating in a challenge, where I have to write everyday, about a Slice of my Life. For the month of March, I plan on writing everyday. My students and I are doing this challenge!

When I woke up at 9 AM this morning (yes, my Good Man let me sleep in), he had cleaned our house. I was so relieved. My husband has a talent for putting piles of stuff away. Me, on the other hand, can't seem to put piles away. They just move from room to room. For example, the desk that this computer is on was a mess last night. This morning, all the piles were put away, the desk free of dust, and I'm afraid to make this area a mess, again, with my things.

When I went to bed last night, I thought about how it was time to clean our house and all the work I would have to do. When I came down the stairs this morning, and saw that my lovely husband was busy working, I sang that song in my head. Because to me, A Good Man is a man who can clean a house well. And is willing to help.

My man is good. I woke up at 9 AM, and didn't have to worry about all the messes. Maybe he did it for himself, because he didn't want to hear me dealing with it. Whatever his motive, I love this good man. Through good, bad, sickness and in health, and in clean and dirty.


  1. Amen to that!!!! Yay for Good Men who clean. In my house, it's called "choreplay" ;)
    --A fellow Slice Challenge writer

  2. Yippy husband - he did good! I have that song in my head now. ;)

  3. I'm also blessed with a husband who works with me to keep our home together. It wasn't the way he was raised, but I'm sure thankful!

  4. I like choreplay- maybe that will get his attention for the next big clean-up day...