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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Your daughter is in the nurse's office, and is sick..."

It's 1:15 PM in my busy kindergarten classroom. I'm in front of the class, going over all of our new literacy centers for the week. In the middle of going over the 2nd literacy station, we all hear Mrs. Millington on our PA system. "Mrs. Walz, can you pick up your wall phone." Thinking one of my students is getting picked up early, I walk quickly to the phone in my room.

"Hi Stacey. The nurse from your daughter's school just called, and you need to call her back."

Then it dawns on me that my daughter told me that she wasn't feeling well this morning. I sent her to school, since there wasn't a fever. And after a cup of hot chocolate, she was her ole self again. Then it hits me that I'm probably not a good mom for sending her to school.

I quietly tell my students that I need to call Maggie's school. Luckily for me, our ESL teacher is in my room helping out, so I let her take over, while I head to the phone. Once on the phone with the nurse and talking to Maggie, I know that I have to leave school to pick her up. My school office already knew about the nurse calling me, so I dart into the office to talk to my school secretary and in 2 minutes, she already has a substitute heading to my classroom. It is amazing how smoothly it all is going down. While writing a few sub plans for the remainder of the day and placing some notes in some folders, I tell my students that I will miss them and to be good. They are in the midst of doing centers, so many of them are so engaged, they don't see me leave.

Once at my daughter's school, I go to the nurse's office to sign her out. She doesn't have a fever, but she has some chills. Her face is kind of pale, and she is relieved to see me. We hold hands walking out of the building, and then I feel like a good mom again.

While Maggie was resting on the couch this afternoon, I decided to be Super Mom, and I made some baked goods for when my son walked home from school. And dinner was on the table at 5, which never happens.

It's now 5:30 PM, and my daughter is sleeping on the couch. I may need to think about doing sub plans for tomorrow...


  1. As hard as it is to leave the "little ones" at school, it's all worth for our "little ones" at home. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon. I'm amazed you were able to accomplish some baking and dinner too!

  2. Love you posting everyday! Sorry Maggie is sick- but it sounds like she's in the best hands :)

  3. Thanks Brandi- I'm proud of myself for actually writing everyday. Yeah, Maggie should had gone to school this morning, and I hate when I can't figure it out (should she go, shouldn't she go), and now Riley came home sick. Michelle, I feel sometimes that I'm not a balanced mom, so when I'm home when my kids are sick, I become all domesticated!