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Saturday, March 10, 2012

St. Baldrick's

Today was the day my 9-year old son got his head shaved.

For the last two months, my son has been raising money for St. Baldrick's, a charity that donates money to find cures for childhood cancer. He was having his head shaved in honor of his friend, Hannah. Hannah was diagnosed with leukemia in November 2010. She is one of the bravest people I have ever met.

My son raised $2,300, and he was the top fundraiser out of over 80 shavees today. People donated on my facebook page. He went door-to-door, asking for donations. He wrote a fundraiser proposal for his school's student council, and last Friday, his school raised almost $300 by having a Hat Day. The kids paid $1 to wear a hat to school. He has updated his blog (yes he has one) and produced his own movies, to get the word around about his fundraising goals. He original goal was $1,000. So he surpassed it, surprising all of us.

As he was getting his head shaved today, I suddenly became emotional. First, I thought about him, and how proud I was of him. Riley is one of the most giving and generous people I know, and he's a nine-year old boy. I felt so much love for him. I was inspired by him. I was amazed and in awe of him. Then, as I looked around the room, I looked at my friend, whose daughter is Hannah. Hannah was standing near to me, and I looked down at her several times, and bent down to tell her how special she was. Her little sister, Fiona, is in my kindergarten class this year, and she's pretty special too. She donated bone marrow to her sister, and is also a brave little girl. I felt my eyes fill with tears, but happy tears. My friend and her family have been through a lot this year. And their family has taught our family so many things. So many things.

It was a day filled with emotions: happiness, joy, and pure love.

The event today raised close to $40,000. One of my best friend's organizes the St. Baldrick's event each March. She lost a cousin to leukemia, and it's her mission to raise money for childhood cancer research. Many people in our community came together to join my friend. She's pretty amazing too.

Today, I take nothing for granted. I haven't for a long time. Hannah has taught me that.


  1. Wow, you son is amazing. He is seriously my hero. I'm getting teary eyed right now as I'm writing this comment. Please tell your son that it's so encouraging and inspiring to hear what he is doing for his friend. I hope that Hannah realizes that she has some amazing friends. What a blessing to be loved. I agree that we should take nothing for granted. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks Riley. I think you're amazing! You did something so nice and kind today. You are learning at a young age that you can change the world. I love you.

    Love, Mom

  3. Stacey,
    Very moving. Riley sounds like a wonderful young man. You must be proud and so should he! I hope Hannah is getting better. ~Theresa