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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Slice of Life with My K kids

This month, I have challenged my kids to do the Slice of Life, just like we all are. Even though they are in kindergarten, I thought they were perfectly capable of writing about their days. I went out and bought them all their own black marble composition notebooks, and wrote inside, little directions, so their parents would know what a "slice" was. I gave writing ideas, such as, "Did something happen at school that made you happy?" "Did you see something interesting on the bus ride to school?" "Did your brother or sister make you happy or sad?"

I have had about 10 out of 18 students writing in their notebooks on a daily basis. I have enjoyed reading their writing, and responding to their writing everyday. I've learned that Isabella's grandpa is sick and in the hospital. I've learned that Ashley has really enjoyed learning about ladybugs this month. I've learned that Tyler likes playing with a boy in his neighborhood. I've learned that Neveah looks up to me- she writes she loves me a lot, which is very sweet. Wladu writes a lot about his dad and how his dad builds things in his garage. Aidan was worried about me one day when I was sick and not in school, which was also sweet. Noelle wrote about how she was sad when we ran out of time and she didn't do calendar that day, which proves that kids love structure and when it's their turn to be calendar. (I felt bad).

I asked the kids today if they will still continue writing in their special Slice of Life Notebooks, even in April, and several said they would. Tomorrow, is the last day of our challenge. Those who have written at least 25 entries will go home tomorrow with a bunch of pens, and a raffle will be drawn for a big bucket of sparkling pens. They are very excited about this.

Tomorrow at school, I will Xerox my favorite student Slices and post tomorrow. I am so glad to have been a participant in this!

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  1. I love this idea!! If your K students can do it, I'm sure I can inspire my first graders to do it. I'm putting it on the calendar for next year! :)