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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Day...

My husband woke me up this morning, to say goodbye, like he does every morning around 5 AM. In my sleepy stupor, I usually always mumble something like, "OK," or "Love you too," and I barely remember his leaving each morning. But this morning, when he said goodbye, I suddenly became alert and remembered that we were getting a winter storm. The night before, on Facebook, all my teacher friends were telling stories of ice cubes in the toilet, pajamas worn inside out, and most had snowdanced earlier. I had no idea before I became a teacher, that teachers are the ones who go crazy when there's a Snow Day, not the kids! I suddenly remembered that I could turn off my alarm clock, if my husband knew the answer.

"Do I have school?" I mumbled, with eyes half-closed.

"Nooooo, you're off," my husband answers back, not sounding very excited for me. "Drive safe," I yell back at him. I quickly turn off my alarm clock, and savor the morning where I don't have to rush, wake up my kids, and have a countdown to getting teeth brushed, shoes on, and books in backpacks. I fall back to sleep, and don't wake up until 7:00, to discover a winter wonderland outside my window. The silence of my house is even more wonderful!

There's nothing like an unexpected day off. The possibilities of catching up. Catching up on housework, schoolwork, soap operas, The Today Show, and having fun with my kids and making memories of snow, hot chocolate, and snow forts!


  1. Lots of snow day slices today...they make me a little jealous. :) Glad you had a great memory-making day.

  2. Thanks Ruth! An unexpected treat!