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Friday, March 2, 2012

Lunch in Woodstock, Vermont

We are driving through picturique and quaint towns through Vermont today, on our drive to New Hampshire. We left our Upstate NY suburban life, dropped our 2 kids off at their school, took personal days off at our jobs, and we are driving 4.5 hours to New Hampshire. My husband really wanted to see his favorite blues singer sing live, and Taj Mahal (yes, that's his name) is playing tonight in this cute little village in New Hampshire. We are kid-free for at least one night, while my parents watch our two kids.

Our drive to New Hampshire was so relaxing. We drove through Vermont, one of my favorite places to take a drive to. The country roads, the mountains and farmhouses all lightly blanketed with the fluffy snow that we got yesterday. The country roads, like postcard photographs, with the trees lightly brushed with white. I love when snow looks pretty, right after a snowfall.

When we get to Woodstock, Vermont, it is just the quindessential New England town. With its little downtown, general stores, and people who are always smiling. My husband laughs at me, after we pick out a place for lunch. He comments on my attire for the day; I decided to wear a semi-rock show outfit. So not really fitting it with the locals who are wearing winter comfortable shoes and their fleeces. I have on an European inspired outfit, matched with my black knee-high boots.

We pick a restaurant called Bentley's, on the main drag of Woodstock. It's decore is Victorian charm, and I find myself getting comfy in my window seat. It's hard to look at my husband, and try to be romantic, when I want to turn around and take the town in.


  1. Cute last line. Kid-free for a little bit is always a good thing...almost as good as getting them back!
    Happy writing,

  2. Yes, Ruth, I agree. You always feel guilty when you decide on a weekend without the kids! And, I kept writing throughout the weekend! On my romantic getaway! I love this challenge! I made my husband pack the laptop. Since I'm spending time on a vacation, I haven't been reading any of the other blogs yet- hope to this week!