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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Orthodontist Bills Begins

My kids had their 6-month cleaning at the dentist today. For a long time, when my dentist makes his appearance at the end of my kids' cleanings for their evaluations, he always makes the recommendation that they visit a orthodontist. The first time was when they were were 6 and 4. At the time, I was like, "REALLY?" I thought it was a joke, and I dismissed it.

Two years ago, when they were 7 and 5, again, they were recommended to visit an orthodontist and I looked at my kids and could count on my one hand how many teeth they both had lost. I didn't understand why they needed ortho work.

Then, we moved to Germany for a year. I didn't have to see my dentist for one whole year.

Six months ago, when I returned from Germany, I somehow escaped the lecture. Maybe they were consumed with my European travel stories and forgot to tell me again that there were numerous orthodontists awaiting my phone call.

So today, it's been 6 months since our summer cleaning. And I did get the lecture. But this time, it was only for Maggie. Somehow, the dentist told me that Riley's teeth are fine and he outgrew whatever problem they once had. Hmm. Outgrew. Maybe because he's still growing. He's a growing 9-year old!

But this time I probably am taking the dentist more seriously. Now that Maggie is 7 years old, and she's lost 8 teeth, you can tell that there's not a whole lot of room for her adult teeth. They are coming in fine and they are not crooked or anything, but there's not a whole lot of room in there.

My husband just came home from work and I just told him about today's news. Before prom dresses, college loans and weddings, there's braces and orthodontist bills.


  1. I always see dollar signs as the dentist drops in and chats. One advantage of starting young, our daughter learned to play the trumpet after her braces were off.

  2. It's also a good idea to have the orthodontis bill paid off BEFORE the college bills arrive - take that one from me!